Engleski jezik 4


I     Introduction, UNIT 6 - Trends (Speaking, Reading, Vocabulary)

II    Unit 6 - Trends (Grammar- Conditional Sentences, Inversion in Conditionals, Listening)

III   Unit 6 - Trends (Speaking, Reading, Vocabulary)

IV   Unit 6 - Trends (Grammar–Mixed Conditionals, Other phrases with if, Alternatives to if, Speaking)

V    Unit 6 - Trends – (Speaking, Writing – An opinion essay, Vocabulary and Grammar Review)

VI   Test 1 (I kolokvijum)

VII  Unit 7 – Think Green (Speaking, Reading)

VIII Unit 7 – Think Green (Word formation, Collocations, Expressions with have and give, Listening)

IX   Unit 7 – Think Green (Grammar: Infinitives and ing-form, Listening, Vocabulary – phrasal verbs)

X    Unit 7 – Think Green (Grammar:Reported Speech, Reported Speech with special introductory verbs)

XI   Unit 7 – Think green (Vocabulary and Grammar Review, Review 7)

XII   Test 2 (I kolokvijum)

XIII  Unit 7 – Think green (Writing: A letter)

XIV  Unit 7 – Think green (Speaking activities)

XV   Vocabulary and Grammar Review, Speaking activities, Additional material



I     Unit 8 - Explore and Discover (Speaking, Reading, Vocabulary: Easily confused verbs, Expressions and Collocations with the verb keep)

II    Unit 8 – Explore and Discover (Grammar: Modal verbs, Listening, Reading, Vocabulary)

III   Unit 8 – Explore and Discover (Grammar: Emphatic forms, Speaking, Writing: An essay)

IV   Unit 9 – The Power of Design (Speaking, Reading, Grammar: Unreal Past)

V    Unit 9 – The Power of Design (Vocabulary, Listening, Test 3 preparation)

VI    Test 3 (II kolokvijum)

VII  Unit 10 – Life Matters (Speaking, Reading, Vocabulary – Expressions with meet and set, Verbs

                       with prepositions)

VIII Unit 10 – Life Matters (Grammar: Clauses of Reason, Purpose, Result and Concession,


IX   Unit 10 – Life Matters (Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar: Inversion)

X    Unit 10 – Life Matters (Speaking, Writing: An essay)

XI   Vocabulary and Grammar Review, Review 10

XII    Test 4 (II kolokvijum)

XIII  Writing – A Report

XIV  Vocabulary and Grammar Review

XV   Speaking activities, Preparation for the oral exam

XV   Revision




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