I Unit 1- Reading: How to have an authentic travel experience; word building

II Unit 1- Present Simple vs. Present Continuous Tense; words easily confused; Business English

III Unit 1- Reading: Fantastic flags; Articles

IV Unit 2- Reading: Alternative schooling; words easily confused; British and American English; Business English

V Unit 2- Present Perfect Simple vs. Present Perfect Continuous; Test preparation

VI Midterm test 1

VII Unit 2 Countable/Uncountable nouns; word building

VIII Unit 3 Reading: The Jungle Book; phrasal verbs with COME; Business English

IX  Unit 3 Similes with; Body idioms; Past simple vs. Past progressive

X Unit 3 Reading: Mystery Heroes; Business English

XI Test preparation

XII Midterm test 2

XIII Units 1, 2, 3- review

XIV Business English

XV Semester review

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