Past tenses; Vocabulary related to food, eating and health issues; articles revision

Passive Voice; Causative HAVE

Adjectives+ adverbs; gradability and comparisons

Idioms with body parts; a magazine article, gapped sentences

Verbs describing movement and sight; Test 1 Preparation

Test 1

 Words easily confused; false friends; A travel experience article

 Relative clauses; Participle clauses

Collocations with 'make', 'get' and 'put'; Words easily confused; word formation

Conditional clauses; mixed conditionals; other phrases with 'if' and its alternatives

 A magazine article; Test 2 Preparation

Test 2

 Words and collocations related to the environment; A magazine article about the environment

Collocations with 'have' and 'give'; infinitives and –ing form

Revision and preparation for the final exam

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