Week 1

Course introduction; languages around the world; living vs. Dead languages; stative verbs

Week 2

Spirit and its power; words easily confused; word building- word webs; formal VS informal writing; cultural identity; culture-bound characteristics; intercultural communication;

Week 3 

Lexical sets: positive and negative character traits; collocations related to education; idioms related to learning; words with multiple meanings

Week 4

Sources of Stress in the Modern World; revising past and future; comparing and contrasting expressions; commonly confused words: relation/relationship, education/upbringing, job/work etc.; competition related vocabulary;

Week 5

Books and Literature; Test 1 preparation

Week 6

Test 1

Week 7

Animals and their habitats; topic related vocabulary; prepositional phrases; countable and uncountable nouns

Week 8

Liberty/freedom, freedom related vocabulary; sentence transformation; words that describe groups of animals, people and things;

Week 9

Loyalty in different kinds of relationships; articles; idioms with animals; multiple matching skills;

Week 10

Beauty contests; beauty related vocabulary; avoiding repetition; structuring a long turn; phrasal verbs;

Week 11

Test 2 preparation

Week 12

Test 2

Week 13

Tempt your palate – adjectives related to food and eating; metaphors; conditionals and hypothetical forms revision

Week 14

Customs around the globe/ strange habits; idioms related to food, eating and health issues; past tenses revision; passive voice

Week 15

Final remarks, Revision, Feedback  



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