WEEK XV SCHEDULE - retakes for CE 6 courses

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WEEK XV SCHEDULE - retakes for CE 6 courses
by Jovana Bošković - Monday, 8 June 2020, 8:32 AM

Dear students,

You must have a camera in order to take the tests in WEEK XV.

Here is the schedule for Second Midterm retakes for CE 6 courses:

Second Midterm retake for Integrated Skills will be held on Monday, 8th June at 7 p.m. in MMTutor online testing application via the following link http://test.singidunum.ac.rs/Student   

You log in by selecting your faculty acronym from the drop-down menu and typing in your ID student number in the following format: year of enrollment + ID number without any characters or spaces (e.g. 2020123456). Reading comprehension (RC) and grammar and vocabulary (G&V) are separate portions and are therefore tested separately (2 tests). You will not be able to start the test without a camera on your computer/tablet/mobile phone.... If that is the case you should contact me via Google Meet link (https://meet.google.com/tir-hork-txd) and use the camera on your mobile phone while doing the test in MMTutor.

Second Midterm retake for Academic Writing will be held on Tuesday, 9th June, at 5 pm. In Time Testing - the text and task will be posted on the course webpage and students will have one hour to send their writing to the teacher's email (vboskovic@singidunum.ac.rs).

Second Midterm retake for Literary Translation will be held on Tuesday, 9th June at 6 p.m.  In Time Testing - the text will be posted on the course page. Students download the text - translate the given section and submit it via email within the time frame of 1 (one) hour. (mprodanovic@singidunum.ac.rs)

Second Midterm retake for Interpreting will be held on Wednesday, 10th June at 6 p.m. via the following link - https://meet.google.com/hcs-tjzk-hif

Second Midterm retake for Listening Comprehension and Speaking will be held on Friday, 12th June at 6 p.m. via the following link https://meet.google.com/dkk-wscj-ojp

Good luck!

Your CE 6 team

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by Nina Pantelić - Friday, 12 June 2020, 6:00 PM

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